About Us

Hickory Driving School Inc. was established in 1980 by George Deo. George is a graduate of the University of Akron where he played football on a full scholarship. While at Akron, he earned a BA in Education and a Masters in Education and Supervision. George taught Physical Education for 33 years at four different high schools in his illustrious career including Delaware Valley, Bloomfield, Hillside, and Kearny before retiring in 1998. George spent a majority of his time at Delaware Valley Regional High School where he also served as Head of the Physical Education Department. In addition, he coached both football and/or golf throughout his education career. In honor of George’s excellence, he was selected by the Star Ledger as Coach of the Year in both football and golf at different points in his coaching career. During most of those years, he taught Driver Education to thousands of students.

In the late 1970’s many high schools were discontinuing the behind-the-wheel Driver Education programs. George realized the importance of reaching these young drivers in order to teach responsibility on the roads. In his commitment to promoting the importance of defensive and safe driving, he founded Hickory Driving School Inc. in 1980 and became certified by the State of New Jersey. The main priority of Hickory Driving School is your child's safety by insuring that defensive driving skills and techniques are taught properly. Our instructors are committed to helping develop and hone the driving skills of people of all ages. Because of George’s unwavering commitment, Hickory Driving School is recognized as one of the premier and most respected driving schools throughout New Jersey.